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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Out and about sharing EdTech practices

The title explains everything, apart from using technology in my daily classroom practice, I also believe it's important to share knowledge.
I very intensely do so in social media:

Twitter   @Rach_Ribeiro

And also here on Informed Teachers blog!

Here in this post we take a look at two posts I wrote for Brazilian magazine Nova Escola giving more information on how Google Educator Groups work:

and to IATEFL LTSIG (Learning Technologies Special Interest Group) describing my presentation on IATEFL Glasgow. It was about the integration of Virtual Reality with EFL syllabus.

In Glasgow I took part in a great event organized by ELTJam & Cambridge English Language Assessment on Learner Centred Innovation in ELT.
Here's the full account and the videos:

Blogging, livestreaming , speaking in conferences are the main ways I use to share my passion for teaching and the improvement of the learning process I witness by interwining technology to my teaching practice.
There's more on the way!





Raquel Ribeiro

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  1. It looks great. Thanks for your blog and keep posting more informative content!!