Recent works_Teaching, Writing & Lectures

It's been some time since I last published here in this blog where everything started ... In the past years I've been very active teaching and that's where I get my inspiration to help develop course materials, blog and give online workshops. Real grounded teaching practice does make a difference because it enables us to have the necessary understanding of the classroom challenges and the creativity and flexibility to adjust accordingly. In this blog I'll share the links of my most current work focusing on the creative and collaborative use of technology to teach and learn during the pandemic. If you think this can be insightful to other teachers, I'd appreciate it if you could share <3 The Teachers' journey through the pandemic

Rescuing your purposes and resolutions

This is the first post of 2018. May we all have a happy and prosperous new year !!! When blogging we tend to start off by having some resolutions in mind. Today with me it was not different but for one detail: Facebook brought up a memory of a blog post from january 2014. My new resolution back then was to start vlogging. What I had in mind back then was that I would start posting more like in this fashion: a written part + a video I kept this going for a short while and then went back to my traditional writing. When I came across this blog memory the first thing that came to my mind was:  why is it that we start off with many ideas for the new year and we actually get to work on them but this usually lasts for a short while , or at least shorter than we thought ? How about starting a new year by looking back at

Out and about sharing EdTech practices

The title explains everything, apart from using technology in my daily classroom practice, I also believe it's important to share knowledge. I very intensely do so in social media: Twitter    @Rach_Ribeiro Linkedin And also here on Informed Teachers blog! Here in this post we take a look at two posts I wrote for Brazilian magazine  Nova Escola  giving more information on how Google Educator Groups work: and to  IATEFL   LTSIG  ( Learning Technologies Special Interest Group ) describing my presentation on IATEFL Glasgow. It was about the integration of Virtual Reality with EFL syllabus. In Glasgow I took part in a great event organized by  ELTJam  &  Cambridge English Language Assessment  on Learner Centred Innovation in ELT. H

IATEFL 2017 _ Day 2

Hey, here's the end of the second day of the conference! I'm sharing with you the highlights of the Plenary and the talks and sessions I attended. Today was also the day I presented about Virtual Reality in the EFL classroom, but I was absolutely exhausted , so I'll update this post with my presentation summary later on :)

IATEFL 2017 Day 1

Hi guys ! This is the opening day to the IATEFL conference ! Here are my notes from the talks I attended. Remember, you can also follow the conference online The official hashtag is  #IATEFL2017  It's worth checking the Twitter feeds with highlights from the plenary, talks and workshops.

PCE_Learning Technologies & Teacher Development IATEFL 2017

This is a post to share key insights from the speakers at the PCE (Pre Conference Event) Two SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are involved in this : LT (Learning Technologies)  and  TD (Teacher Development) Throughout the conference days I'll send the key points and insights of the sessions I attend. I feel highly motivated to share this with you as a Registered Blogger for IATEFL Off we go then!

Mobile Learning, VR and Instagram

Hi guys!  It's been a while! Here's what I have been doing in the past few months: Researching the use of affordable VR (Virtual Reality) and the integration with class purposes for the different age ranges. In August I took part of IV Congresso Brasileiro de Recursos Digitais na Educação (IVCBRDE) IV Brazilian Congress of Digital Resources in Education at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo, Brazil. There I presented my classroom practice of promoting students' collaboration via mobile to develop their discourse and enhance the brainstorming phase of the classes on the first day. And a hands on workshop on the last day. The theme was: 'Mobile phones and productive classroom collaboration'  Research that also granted me a scholarship to present at IATEFL LTSIG ( Learning Technologies Special Interest Group ) for the 2016 confe