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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween fun with TV series & Cartoon

It's Halloween Week !!!!

Here's a selection of popular world wide TV shows in their Halloween episodes.
Below the selected scenes and a quick activity which is a treat.

Firstly, some background information on the celebration. If possible students can scan the qr code below and check the infographic in their handheld device. 

Halloween Infographic

The Big Bang Theory (Halloween Prank)

 Activity: Students watch this hilarious scene and match the typical Halloween pranks.
They use the words in the box to complete the pranks mentioned by Sheldon.

  witch’s /blood/haunted/walls /ghostly

A ________ moan
The  _______cackle
The ________dripping _______
How are the people who play tricks on Halloween called ?      P_________

 Modern Family 
(season 2 episode 6 Halloween)
A Family who loves celebrating Halloween but are having some arguments...

  ***  HALLOWEEN KIDS  ***

   Peppa pig - Fancy dress party

Match the characters and their costume:

1.dinosaur    2.pirate    3.witch   4.carrot     5.fairy princess   6.clown    7.nurse
George(   ) Susie (     ) Peppa (    )  Danny(    )    Candy(     )      Rebecca(     )     Pedro(     )
Who has the best costume ? __________
Halloween Song :  Skeleton bonĂ©s
More on Halloween sitcoms and activities
***   Happy Halloween   ***
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