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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Google Basics for Teaching

                                                          Are you a teacher ? 
Have you noticed so much going on about technology to be integrated to classes, used in the classroom and feel like trying but are not sure where to start?
Google Basics for Teaching is here to help you out.

Learn about new tools to add variety and enhance your students' learning experience and your efficiency. Or find out another possibility for a tool you already know.
Creativity and technology walk hand in hand for an incredible experience for both teachers and students!

So, if you need to start from scratch, this is for you. It's your chance to learn and feel confident in using tech tools. 
What if you have some knowledge already? There's always something new to learn as creativity can spice up the learning experience.

This is a course focused on educators and has the support of Google Certified Teachers, peers and content experts.
By now,it's available for the following countries: Brazil, Philippines, India and Russia.
Are you an educator in the countries mentioned above? That's a precious chance. 
Take it!
 I'm in!  

+Raquel Ribeiro Prado Gonzaga 

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