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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

EFL Speaking Development Tools

Speaking Avatar
Click here_Speaking Avatar
In this blog we feature free tools (apps and websites) to help out in students'speech and speaking development!
Let's consider how much the speaking technology has advanced in the past few years as well as the accessibility of hand-held devices and put them together.

One of the worries of a teacher of English as a foreign language (be them native or non-native speakers) has to do with the inteligibility of students'speaking production, especially in elementary and pre-elementary levels.

Here are useful resources :

It is a voice enabled avatar and the possibilities for teaching and learning a foreign language via this tool are way too many.
Among them, the individualized feedback.
I have used this tool with my adult and teenage students.
They create an avatar and record their voice. I listen to their production and send my spoken feedback via Voki.

scan me!
QR Voice       
You can type a message of up to 100 characters and even choose the language it will be spoken.
Works great for a quick question to a group, a treasure hunt with different instructions to follow, to read a famous quotation, among other possibilities we can find out.           

  Pronunciation Checker    

Great app to check the right pronunciation and intonation of an isolated word or sentence, question.
The options British and American English can be chosen from.
Right now only available for Android. The developer has the intention of having this app also available for iOS soon.

For more info on QR codes for education:   QR codes for education
You might also want to check : Do you practice conversation with your mobile ?

Just by adding a new feature to your classroom, chances are that you can positively motivate your students to find out helpful tools and getting to know technology that can be applied to their learning routine.
How about that ?

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