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Friday, April 4, 2014

IATEFL_Social Networking & Mobile Technology highlights

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InformedTeachers on the blogging coverage of IATEFL Harrogate 2014 !

The selected videos focus on Social Networking, Mobile Devices in the EFL classroom and going beyond the "hello"by networking.
The bullet points indicate the issues explained in each interview.

Ann Foreman and Paul Braddock
 Teaching English website and Social media

  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • Social media, the impact in teachers'development.
Gamification : Feedback, Participation, Goals. 
Key elements to make things more motivating and have people engage more.

CPD is flexible and a way of getting support thanks to technology.

Teaching with mobile devices: choices and challenges  È
Points for discussion:
  •  Should students use their own mobile devices or should there be class sets at school?
  • Activities in and out of the classroom
  • Part of school policy or up to individuals?

Watch Nick's session here

Framework to use mobiles in the classroom
  • Apps in mobile devices
  • When learners are mobile
  • When the learning experience itself is mobile
QR Codes as a prompt. Something slightly more complex: geotagging
     Suggested App: Woices
Institution looking at how the staff can start working with mobile.
Mention of a clear implementation of mobile device use.
Take technical challenges into account.
The fact that parents need to understand the purpose of using mobile phones, how it is a tool to enhance learning.
Ownership: The fact that students prefer to use their own devices.
CPD for teachers on an institutional level.
Classroom management challenges.
How to bridge the in and out of class divide.

  • How to network with the people you meet
  • The importance of having an international presence
  • Networking to establish an identity and a global presence
  • The different dimensions and levels, coded speech
Watch the interview here

There are many other fantastic interviews on the different fields of ELT all of them worth watching.
We can attend the conference too, online : 

Raquel Gonzaga


  1. Its actually pretty amazing how
    Mobile Technology
    is changing the face of the Planet. When I start thinking of the ramifications of such a huge leap for all of us (courtesy Mr. Steve Jobs) I wonder how things will be next few years. Its probably going to be a touchscreen world !! you could pick your mobile, let it wake you up in the morning (if you dont get up let it crawl into your ears and vibrate…ha ha),find your toothbrush, talk to you and tell you how much time you have for your first meeting, locate the car keys, tell you whats best for you to eat for breakfast (depending on the amount of calories you burnt yesterday !), project to a wall where you can see a live Telecast (Flat screens will also go out of date)….wow is it not amazing if all this were to actually happen !! Anyways, good write up and am looking for more such views.