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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

IATEFL 2014_Interviews


This post provides you with the main topics covered in each interview.
On average each video lasts for seven minutes.
We, the online attendees can also feel the vibe of IATEFL Harrogate 2014 J  

Caroline Moore,member of IATEFL eletronic committee on developing webinars for different ELT purposes, "Afterhours"webinar projects, promote interaction, social networking via Facebook and Twitter
Interview with Caroline Moore

Nik Peachey, IATEFL 2014 Interviewer and moderator of SIG (Special Interest Group) pannel on digital skills for teachers, talks about crowdfunding, guidance on writing and publishing EFL e-materials, potential for e-books.
Interview with Nik Peachey

Gwendydd Caudwell, on Aptis criteria  for assessing and developing teachers'proficiency level , feedback received from teachers and the importance of being aware of the different teaching conditions around the world.
Interview with Gwendydd Caudwell

Eric Baber, vice-president of IATEFL, on how organizations operate, personal and team management skills, Joining the SIG committees,cross cultural issues.
Interview with Eric Baber

Adrian Underhill , on Open Space Technology concept (OST) of organizing a conference people come without prepared talks or programmes but with burning issues.
Interview with Adrian Underhill

Barry OSullivan on his participation in Testing SIG, Assessment Literacy, the development of tests,
Interview with Barry OSullivan

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