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Thursday, November 7, 2013

So, you don't like grammar ...Try these apps

Learning how English is cognitively organized plays an important part in the way to fluency acquisition.
This time my app recommendations have grammar & vocabulary expansion in mind.
Both are free and were developed by the trustworthy British Council

Basic - Intermediate 

This is Johnny Grammar Word Challenge.
You can register or use it as a guest. There are three categories to choose from: Grammar / Words / Spelling and a variety of topics such as Food & Restaurants, Travel & Getting around, Small talk .... or Grammar topics : Prepositions/Irregular Verbs, Modals, Linkers ...and levels: Easy/Medium/Hard.
At the end of each task the app provides feedback so that you can learn from your mistakes as well.
Badges  are given according to your accomplishments.

Upper - Advanced

The IELTS word power app is mainly targeted at upper intermediate - advanced  students and IELTS test takers.
For each question there are on average 20 items to be completed.
This is the challenging kind of app which can enable you to test your English skills, such as reading, vocabulary and grammar and get feedback on your score.

Take any chance available to study English with your mobile phone! It's certainly worth it.

Teacher Raquel


  1. Great, I will definitely share the IELTS app with my high school students!

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