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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Apps for studying: This is the kit !

How about having a quick access folder with useful apps at the tip of your fingers ?
I have tested the apps below and strongly recommend them to teachers and students.
All apps can be found for free for both iOS and Android phones.

KINGSOFT OFFICE  -  A superb office app that enables the use of Word, Powerpoint, Excel & PDF files in your mobile device. A lot better than other similar paid versions.

Free and Offline Dictionary

FARLEX FREE DICTIONARY - Once you download the app, look for the option "Add/remove dictionaries" and choose the offline version you prefer.

QR CODE Reader to create your e-business cards, scan info from magazines, sites... create classroom activities...

Build your own Vocabulary Book (Lexical Book)
This is a great app to enable students of English as a foreign language to keep track of new words learned. You can create your very own dictionary!
There are fields to register the word, category, example, translation, picture and sound. It organizes the list of words alphabetically and there's also a notebook like space in case you want to add up extra examples.

                                                      In order to protect your smartphone from threats:
Anti-virus and tracker in case you lose your device.
Learn how it works: 

To help you manage your 3G / network data available.
You should get informed with your carrier the date when your package starts and the amount of speed data your mobile plan has so that you can inform the app and then have accurate information of your consumption .

To save articles to read later, even offline.

I'm confident in saying that this kit will make your studying & teaching life more practical !

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  1. It is good to hear which apps etc. you have found useful. Thanks for posting.