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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yes, this app can help you study for English tests !

If you are a student of English who is looking for some challenging and motivating practice to help you improve and/or prepare for a foreign language exam , this is the app for you!

For learners of a foreign language, reading authentic news articles, watching films, among other things, can be considered key practice, but let us also keep in mind that challenging your expertise in using the language, plays an essential part in the way to being fluent.
My tip for today is the app IELTS Skills Free, by Macmillan Publishers Ltd available for free for both

Comprehending the four abilities: Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking, it features a notably strong approach to speaking and writing strategies.
Before initiating the practice in each skill, there is a straightforward rationale on the most important aspects to focus on. 
The app also keeps track of your attendance to each part and offers  sample exercises so that you can undergo the process of using the recommended techniques and tips.
Very user friendly and comprehensive. Top notch !
Watch the video below to check it out:

If you need some more suggestions on other exam apps to have, take a look at this article too:
Apps for English Language Exams
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Teacher Raquel

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