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Monday, May 6, 2013

Video Apps to study English

As a foreign speaker of English or an English language student, we had better take all chances to improve and learn more.
One of the best ways is through videos. They enable us to observe intonation, facial expressions, gestures, current use of language, slang...
The Apps below have proved to be just what you need to practice anywhere!

This is an audio and video app from the British Council with lots of free features and also paid ones.
There's a great series of videos about cultural aspects of living in Great Britain called "Britain is Great" consisting of 8 free episodes.
The videos are short, interesting and come with subtitles and a support glossary. In my point of view this is really a cool and important feature for learners of English.
At the end of each video there's a quick test to check your understanding of what was shown.
I had a great time and could hardly wait to share this.
There are other videos available , such as "You're hired", a series of job interviews, hiring and firing situations. The first episode is free and for the rest there's a modest fee.
I personally recommend  getting acquainted with the app by using all free stuff available before actually buying a new feature.

The next video app is target to young learners and has classic stories as well as some new ones.

Classics such as "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and "Little Red Riding Hood"  beautifully illustrated and told.
It also features new short stories such as "The Monster Shopping Trip"and "My secret Team".
They can be part of a parent-kid  or one sibling telling  a younger one a bedtime story.
All stories have subtitles in English for better comprehension.
As a complement,there is a section for parents with articles on children development, learning English from childhood and practical tips.
Well, now it's up to you!
Download the apps, have a go and if you like, share this article so others can get to know about them. :-D
"Teaching & Learning should bring joy".

Teacher Raquel


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