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Monday, February 18, 2013

Webinars : FAQs and considerations

webinars for teachers
★  Webinar = A web based seminar or training where people from the different parts of the globe are able to connect  via a video classroom with slide integration and chatting.     

There is usually a team of tech professionals to help out with the sound , image and connection quality, to mediate the questions being asked, among other things.

Reasons to attend a webinar
The possibility of  exchanging experiences with colleagues from all over the globe is one thing, the fact you can attend a webinar even from home or any other place where a good internet connection is available are two key reasons from my point of view.

The interaction in a webinar is very dynamic, while watching the speaker and following the presentation slides one can also ask questions and clarify doubts which can be addressed during or right after the talk.

Meanwhile, there is a very intense exchange of ideas  from most of the participants via live chat.

My experience & tips
When I first heard of it, I must say I had no idea what to expect exactly. 
But my curious and investigative nature made me check it out.
Well, it took me a while to get used with all the resources offered, the layout, the number of participants interacting via chat  (on average about 200 - 300 people)
In case it's your first webinar, I'd recommend logging in at least 10 minutes before in order to familiarise with the interface.
Another thing: The webinars I took part were all hosted from England, so it's important to check the corresponding local time from where you are. 
This can be done by using a time zone converter:
I must say that the lectures I've attended so far have given me precious professional insights as well as the opportunity to get to know colleagues from many parts of the globe and their diverse teaching scenario.

Giving it a try
I'd strongly recommend all the teachers, regardless of your teaching time experience to make an effort and see what is out there. 
We're living in such a fast changing world and the challenge of keeping up to date is latent. 
Also, how often do oversea teachers get the chance to hear from the authors of the books which are part of their everyday classroom practice ?

Useful webinar sites /  calendar
Below there are some trustworthy teacher development sites I have tried myself and I totally recommend.

Oxford University Press Webinars for teachers

If you feel like, do share your experience or ask questions about this topic  :)

Cheers ,

Teacher Raquel   

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