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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Organization Apps for teachers and students

Hi :)

My main intention in the blog is to share with you my findings on  how everyday technology can make a difference in the learning routine.       

Well, considering that classes are going back in either August or September,I started thinking about all the enthusiasm and expectations that are part of the beginning of a new semester.
New books , materials, teachers, rooms... especially new promises when it comes to learning and having better grades.
Let's enjoy the high energy of the return to plan ahead for further days when both teachers and students will be tired and worn out from the routine and endless tasks to cope with.
I researched about Apps that can certainly help out.

For teachers :
 *Teacher Timetable Helper

For Students: 
* My Homework 
* Homework (this one can also be used by teachers, the first time you open it you have to choose between student or teacher option)
Organization is a key element for both students and teachers to keep up a good and productive pace during the semester.
Technology is widely available nowadays and I strongly believe it can add up to our life quality. 
It also enables students to take more responsibility for their own learning and performance from an early age. Children seem to be born tech literate already !
All the Apps mentioned above can be found in Google Play (for Android devices)
Are they also available for Apple devices ? Or are there others with the same purpose ?
I'd be glad if you could add up to this post :)

Cheers :)
Teacher Raquel


  1. Hey Guys,

    The app, myHomework is also available for iPhone. It has the same functions that are found in the Android as well. If you want to receive reminder about your tasks you must pay US$1,99, otherwise it's not possible to receive it.
    It's really worth a try, especially for absent-minded people!

    I hope I've helped u.

    Danilo. R

    1. Hi Danilo !
      Thank you for your contribution.
      We help each other by exchanging ideas.
      Teacher Raquel