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Thursday, July 5, 2012

QR Codes in Education ? An innovative way

The main purpose of this blog is to share how technology can be integrated with teaching and learning , making students more active in the process.
Well, something which has been going on for a lot of mostly commercial and marketing uses is the QR code.
The video below illustrates the QR Code experience :

Have you ever heard about it ?
Watch this quick video for an overview on the usages :

Nowadays the Smartphone essential use is a reality. It goes for reading, the way we communicate, post, keep track of our friends' daily accomplishments or simply their routine, a piece of what is going on their minds like a joke or a video shared via social networks, not to mention a gazillion of other usages !
Kids and Teenagers, not to mention adults, once bitten by the bug of connectivity ... find it very hard to live without their devices. 
One of the main questions is : Considering that the majority of our students bring the device to the classroom how can teachers use this for their learning benefit ?
QR codes are certainly to be considered.

For instance, a practical example:
Teacher divides the class into two groups and share part of the teaching point of the day , whatever it is with 50% of a group and 50% with another via the qr code.

How does that work ?
Firstly either via Google or a smartphone app (Iphone or Android) download a QR Code applicative.
Then decide what it is that you want to share (a website, a doc, a picture).
I'd personally recommend websites at first for their more practical applications. But of course, it depends on the purpose of your class :)
You can share the QR Code via your mobile screen to one student who will then share to another and so on and so forth, or print the QR Code and make it available for the students. Your call.
Once they scan the code, the link is made available and they can each one open the indicated webpage.
As the purpose of this activity is to have students exchange different data about the same topic, they are supposed to scan different codes and be paired up so that the exchange of ideas can actually happen.
I see a fill-in-the-gaps activity coming up from this or ... Well there are so many possibilities !
Also, it's crucial to take into consideration if this technology is available to your students: smart phones and internet connection mainly.
Have you ever tried it ? If not, would you consider having a go ?


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