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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Voice recognition app for teachers and students

Hi :-)
I'd like to share with you a very useful app I've been using for about a month :
Voice Recognition App      -   Speak to It

In the youtube video you can see a quick demo, but for both English teachers and students, one of the most interesting things to contribute to keeping up your English is the news reading feature.
It goes like this : you ask the assistant about the news and she starts reading the main headline news from world wide newspapers. Cool. But when you click on the headline, she reads the full piece of news with beautiful pronunciation ! You can choose between British or American English.
I've recommended it to Intermediate students on. There are many other voice features and customisation possibilities in the app and it can be found in the Google Play Store for free :)

I hope it's helpful for you too,



  1. Very nice Rach! Too bad I haven't got an iPhone!

    1. This App also works with Android phones.
      A smartphone regardless of its brand is indeed a very useful tool. You should consider getting one when possible :)